6th Grade Social Studies Fair

Theme: Ancient Communities

  • 6th graders were tasked with researching an ancient community. They had to read a book on their community, and read secondary sources they researched on the internet.
  • 6th graders took notes on their research, and created an outline.
  • Then, they wrote a research report, and finally, prepared a presentation with a google slide show to present before the class.

First Place: Ariella Shindelman!

Topic: The Ancient Mayan Community

Teacher’s note: Ariella took to this assignment with uncommon gusto! She brought five books on the Maya, used multiple web sources, and wrote an exemplary paper, and prepared a presentation that could be used as a basis for a full course on the Maya! Great job!

Second Place: Lana Mednik!

Topic: The Ancient Assyrians

Teacher’s note: Lana’s diligence is an inspiration to everyone! She read her research carefully, wrote her notes beautifully, and worked on her essay every day in after-school. Her presentation was wonderful, and well practiced!

Honorable mention: Noga Sayag

Topic: Ancient Korea

Teacher’s note: Noga’s hard work must go acknowledged! She practiced her presentation excellently.

Honorable mention: Anna Gershkovich

Topic: Ancient Rome

Teacher’s note: Anna’s presentation was incredibly informative! We were both also impressed with how neatly she took her notes, and how well she wrote her essay.

Honorable mention: Yaffa Bareket

Topic: Ancient Egypt

Teacher’s note: Yaffa did a wonderful job of teaching the class about life in Ancient Egypt. She had a phenomenally well-sourced presentation, and we were impressed with her clear and eloquent delivery.

Honorable mention: Sarina Bunick

Topic: The Inca Empire

Teacher’s note: Sarina’s wonderful presentation showed how hard she practiced! She worked hard both on her slideshow, her vocal delivery, and her research. Great job!

Honorable mention: Doron Glickman

Topic: The Aztec Empire

Teacher’s note: Doron’s essay was very impressive! The hard work he did researching and writing showed in his presentation. He also practiced very hard, and managed to pronounce all of the Aztec names and words correctly!

Honorable mention: Tyler Nieves

Topic: The Tokugawa Shogunate

Teacher’s note: Tyler’s presentation was very well done! He has a showman’s flair, and started the presentation with a spirited ‘Konnichiwa!’

Honorable mention: Leora Mirocznik

Topic: The Babylon Empire

Teacher’s note: Leora did an impressive job, and worked very hard, putting together her notes and writing a lengthy essay. She practiced her presentation and stood up very bravely to teach us about Babylon Empire!

Honorable mention: Yaakov Yosef Berlin

Topic: The Vikings

Teacher’s note: Yaakov’s knowledge of history always impresses. He did an outstanding job researching and teaching the class about the Vikings.

Honorable mention: Gary Shamay

Topic: Ancient Greece

Teacher’s note: Gary did an amazing job writing a very detailed essay. His research was great, and his presentation beautifully done. Great job, Gary!