Social Studies Fair 2022

Social Studies Fair 2022

On this page, please find the recorded Social Studies Fair presentations of our wonderful SIHA students. 




Kindergarteners prepared a presentation on American Symbols


1st Grade

First graders prepared a play on explorers! 


2nd Grade

Second graders prepared a presentation and skit about the three branches of government in The United States. 

3rd Grade

Third Grade students traveled to the past in what else but a time machine of course. On their journey through the early American history, they met our greatest patriots. Here is what they learned. 


4th Grade

Fourth Graders prepared presentations on states!

5th Grade

5B Presented a Play!

5A presented two skits!

6th Grade

The 6th graders researched an ancient civilization and prepared a presentation. Please enjoy their presentations below:

Ancient Sumer by Charles Grego.

Ancient Egypt by Nathaniel Alterman.

Ancient Greece by Ruti Applebaum.

Ancient China by Victoria Kulishevskiy

Ancient Rome by Zev Shohat

Babylonian Empire by Avigdor Tovshteyn

Ancient Babylon by Matthew Tayrimov




7th Grade

The 7th graders prepared debates on three different topics. Please enjoy their debates below:

Is the internet making us stupid?

PRO team:

  • Naomi Applebaum
  • Ella Shalem

CON team:

  • Kobe Shabat, 
  • Oren Dery
  • Etai Factor

Should GMO be grown?

PRO team:

  • Eva Leivent
  • Mia Portman

CON team:

  • Noam Tisona
  • Oren Bilik
  • Asher Hecht

Is AI good for society?

PRO team:

  • Ilan Abramov
  • David Papirov
  • Mark Mihelson

CON Team:

  • Madison Graham
  • Gabriella Fishman



8th Grade

The 8th graders chose a topic, researched it, and prepared a speech about it. Please enjoy their speeches below:

4th of July by Ariella Shindelman.

Rock & Roll by Yaffa Bareket

Motorcycles by Leam Bilik.

Thomas Jefferson by Yisroel Friedman

Muscle Cars by Noah Garber.

National Parks by Doron Glickman

Civil Rights by Lana Mednik.

Cartoons by Tyler Nieves

Women’s Rights by Noga Sayag

American Revolution by Jeffrey Shutman

George Washington by Anna Gershkovich