Staten Island Hebrew Academy

High School Tech & Trade

The mission of the Staten Island Hebrew Academy (SIHA) High School is to develop tomorrow’s leaders. This is done by preparing all students to meet the many challenges of the twenty-first century. We believe in academic rigor, maintaining high standards, and guiding our students to success in the future. Our high school consists of a meaningful Judaics curriculum; a core curriculum designed to offer students challenging classes at their level, and a trade school approach that will teach students valuable life skills while preparing for college and beyond. 

Judaics Curriculum:

9th-12th grades will consist of Hebrew Language, Jewish History, Jewish Law, and Judaic Biblical Literature.

SIHA’s Judaic Studies curriculum is specifically tailored to children who come from homes of limited Judaic background, introducing students to Jewish values and traditions. Our program familiarizes the students with important events in the Jewish calendar, provides fluency in the Hebrew language, Biblical Textual Studies, and Jewish history, and also concentrates heavily on ethical development.

Core Academic Curriculum consists of the following:

  • English: 4 Years
  • Science: 4 Years
  • Math: 4 Years
  • Foreign Language: 2 Years (Hebrew/Russian)
  • History: 3 Years

English Language Arts Curriculum:

The guiding belief of SIHA’s High School English Department is simple but practical for real world achievement: proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening forms the foundation of success in all academic areas. For this reason, the English Department strives to give students the literacy skills they need to succeed in school and the workplace.

The English program is a four-year sequence offering Regents track courses in grades 9 through 12. Students will be exposed to a variety of texts, including classical literature, world literature, as well as folklore and myth study. Students will also learn to utilize digital literacy skills to produce a variety of texts of their own. A significant term project will be required in the spring term.

*Honor classes are offered to students based on teacher recommendation, high scholastic ability as evidenced generally in a minimum grade of 92, and commitment to the rigors of the curriculum. 11th and 12th graders will also have the opportunity to take advantage of Advanced Placement Classes. 

Mathematics Curriculum

  • 9th grade – Algebra I / Algebra II / Trigonometry
  • 10th grade – Geometry
  • 11th grade – Algebra II / Trigonometry / Pre-Calculus
  • 12th grade – Pre-Calculus / Calculus / AP Calculus / Statistics

A primary goal of the Mathematics Department of SIHA’s High School is to give our students the Math skills that they will need to be successful both in college and throughout life. Our staff incorporates real-life situations that deal with math so that students can see where the various topics covered can be used.

Science Curriculum

  • 9th grade- Living Environment
    • Earth Science for Honors students that have scored minimally a 75% on the Living Environment Regent
  • 10th grade- Earth Science
    • Chemistry for those that have scored minimally a 75% on the Earth Science Regent
  • 11th grade – Chemistry
    • Physics for those that scored minimally a 75% on the Chemistry Regent
  • 12th grade- Physics

The Science Department is committed to educating the students of SIHA’s High School Division in a manner that leads to a greater understanding of scientific as well as moral principles. We believe that true scientific thought can lead individuals to make sound moral decisions that are the very centerpiece of a democratic society. 

History Curriculum

The History department strives to prepare its students with the skills to think critically and thoughtfully. This enables students to better function in a complex, diverse, and technologically changing and advancing world. The department offers Advanced Placement courses in United States History and Government.

History Course Offerings: 

  • Global History 1 & 2 (9th grade)
  • Global History 3 & 4 (10th grade)
  • U.S. History 1 & 2 (11th grade)
  • 12th grade options:
    • Participation in Government (Advanced Placement)
    • Economics
    • Model UN/Debate Team

Trades/ Vocational Program Curriculum:

Students will have the opportunity to choose the elective of their choice, with more flexibility in 9th & 10th grade to have more options and exposure. 11th -12th grades; students will be concentrating on their specific choice and have the opportunity to participate in hands-on training in their chosen course and gain real-world experience. Different programs, currently in the works, will be offered to give the student an opportunity to earn nationally recognized certifications which can be used to get a job to pay for college or at the start of their career. Upon the completion of the programs listed, we hope to be partnered with accredited institutions so that our students will be industry certified in their career and technology subject area. The certifications offered will be administered through industry recognized testing partners.

Some of our vocational program options include:

  • carpentry
  • plumbing
  • electrical contracting
  • solar power technology
  • home wiring
  • computer graphics/web-design
  • coding/computer programming
  • bookkeeping/accounting
  • culinary arts.