7th Grade Social Studies Fair

Theme: Debating the issues affecting our community

  • For our Social Studies Fair, the 7th grade was divided into three debate teams. Each debate team was assigned a topic.
  • The students were then tasked with researching their topic individually, taking notes on their research, and making an outline. The next step was writing an argumentative essay, and preparing a debate.
  • On the day of the presentations, teams participated in a spirited debate!
  • To choose a winner, we looked at each student’s individual performance in the project as a whole, not just at debate performance.

First Place: Joshua Yarden – Kushel!

Joshua’s dedication to this project was inspirational. He went above and beyond the required research, and kept learning about his topic until the day of the presentation. At each practice debate, he would find more information to present and respond with. His essay was equally as exemplary, and the highest grade in the class.

Second Place: Gabriella Schwartz!

Gaby did a phenomenal job on this project! She read all of her research, turned in her outline, draft, and final paper early. Her diligence is truly stunning! She came to every practice, and adjusted her opening arguments and rebuttals to address the opposing team. Moreover, she was a great teammate! Amazing job, Gaby!

Can Alternative Fuels Efficiently Replace Fossil Fuels?

[WINNER](PRO) Team: Joshua Yarden-Kushel and Amiel Lavy

Teacher’s note: I was impressed with how well they worked as a team! Their argument kept evolving every practice. They endeavored to answer every question asked of them well. If they did not know an answer, they would research and confer to come up with the best one.
Their final performance showed that they practiced excellently!

(CON) Team: Yehuda Mirocznik and Shai Koldin

Teacher’s note: Teacher’s note: Both Shai and Yehuda have very strong personalities, so it is no surprise that their debate performance was impressive to watch. Their research and essay was very well done! At each practice, they came up with good points, and well thought-out questions.
Great job, both of you!

Does Standardized Testing Improve Education in America?

[WINNER](PRO) Team: Gabriella Schwartz and Eliana Volfson

Teacher’s note: Out of all of the teams, Gaby and Eliana worked the best together! They supported each other and helped each other both during practice and during the debate. Both of them did a spectacular job researching, and writing their argumentative essay. They also did a great job during practice, listening to the other team and making their argument stronger every time!

(CON) Team: Joshua Dinar, Ethan Azaraev and Orian Cohen

Teacher’s note: The students did a really good job researching their topic. I was particularly impressed with how much Ethan practiced his vocal delivery and his mastery of facts. He improved with every practice, and it showed during the final debate.
Great job, everyone!

Should Tablets Replace Textbooks?

(PRO) Team: Joshua Osher, Yosi Malka, and Michael Clift

Teacher’s note: Teacher’s note: All three of the boys did a good job researching their topic and learning facts to support their claims. They improved with each practice. I was particularly in awe of Yosi’s leadership skills. He took charge of the group, and was very supportive of both of his teammates! Great job, Yosi!

[WINNER](CON) Team: Rachel Dym and Yosef Jehudai

Teacher’s note: Rachel took to this topic with diligence! She took careful notes, and wrote a great essay. She was there for every practice, and she steadily grew more confident in her voice and presentation. Most impressively, she was alone during our final debate, and she did a phenomenal job!