Educational Philosophy


Rich Jewish Education

  • Teaching the knowledge and pride of what it means to be a Jew: Most children from the unaffiliated Jewish community do not receive any systematic Jewish education. SIHA’s daily, wide-ranging instruction in Jewish history, culture and tradition, the Torah, and the Hebrew language nurtures the students’ deep love and pride in their Jewish heritage. Children develop a deep connection to the wellspring of knowledge that has irrigated the Jewish nation with wisdom and high moral standing for thousands of years.
  • Connecting the unaffiliated Jewish Community (including members of the Russian-Jewish community) to Judaism: Our students carry their newly-found knowledge of Judaism to their families, allowing SIHA to reach deep into the unaffiliated Jewish community, inspiring it to rediscover its Jewish roots.

Superior Academic Development

  • Focus on the “whole child”: Small class size, individual evaluation and attention, enrichment-saturated curriculum, and a multi-sensory approach to education, allows each child to draw on his or her own strengths to absorb challenging material. Teachers understand the importance of making their studentsfeel belongingness, success, meaning, and stimulation (Fun) about anything taught throughout the day.
  • Our commitment to “in depth learning”: Rigorous and strict Math and Science curriculum that emphasizes logical and creative problem solving to promote a deep understanding of fundamentals of Math and Science and to build a solid foundation for future, more complex challenges in learning and discovery.
  • Developing a life-long love of reading and writing through English Language Arts: Intensive focus on reading, writing and listening skills, with an emphasis on spelling, vocabulary, grammar and daily writing activities that aim to develop avid readers who are able to read and write critically.
  • We are a semi-departmentalized, student-centered based teaching institution: Student-centered learning refers to efforts made by educators to use instructional approaches that develop a student’s self-awareness and responsibility. Student-centered teaching can result in a transformation in both the learning and teaching experience. The goal of student-centered learning should be for the student to develop autonomy and responsibility and for the teacher to be mindful of individual goals and learning styles. This modality of instruction allows for choice and freedom for the student and as a result holds students to be more responsible for their learning.
  • Our educators support our learners by assisting them in becoming mindful and analytical of conventional thoughts and ideas: This consists of encouraging students to think critically about their own beliefs, behaviors or perspective, as well as the conjectures of others. Our educators provide our students with opportunities in recognizing theories that are being referenced and cultivate an environment with opportunities to effectively partake in discourse. We want children to question beyond the façade of what is being taught to ultimately have an appreciation of the root of knowledge.

Building Character and Fostering Community

  • SIHA recognizes that character is key by promoting responsibility and integrity, striving for excellence and taking pride in one’s achievements and the constant emphasis on respect, generosity and kindness as the keys to developing the perseverance, strength of character and the moral compass our students will need to succeed in an increasingly challenging world.
  • SIHA is a Family. Loving and supporting atmosphere encourages deep friendships among students and connections between families, creating a true sense of family and community that stands together in times of need and gathers joyfully to celebrate its achievements.