Online School

At the Staten Island Hebrew Academy

we are committed to our students’ academic success both in the classroom, and remotely. We are fully prepared to resume classes virtually should the need occur. To ensure that our students’ schooling is not interrupted, we utilize several strategies and platforms.

SIHA School Website

Our website is our virtual schoolhouse. It will contain pertinent information about our classes, both in-person and virtual. During remote learning, our website will contain a virtual school schedule, as well as dedicated pages for each teacher. Teacher pages will contain information about their classes, including important dates, assignments, and links.

Class Streaming with Zoom

Using the Zoom streaming platform, our teachers can stream their lessons virtually, and interact with their students. The Zoom streaming platform allows our teachers to both speak to and with their students, as well as share their screen in order to show video, pictures, or notes. Interactivity is especially important for the younger students, who need to be able to hear, see, and speak with their teacher to learn.

Google Classroom

The Google Classroom educational platform allows our teachers to share materials, assessments, and interactive activities with their students. Starting from the fifth grade, students at SIHA have their own GSuite email that allows them access to the Google Classroom and peripheral applications of the Google Educational Suite. Students learn how to use these tools effectively to further their education.

Asynchronous and synchronous education

Our school maintains a daily schedule of virtual classes, during which students can interact with their teacher and classmates in order to learn. Virtual school is still school – attendance is important and tracked. In addition to that, our school also uses email and Google classroom for asynchronous communication and activities students can complete on their own time. In this way, students can reap the benefits of virtual education. The key benefit of virtual education is the ability to learn important time-management and self-sufficiency skills, while being supported by the teachers and staff at SIHA.