Staten Island Hebrew Academy

is revolutionizing the education of children from unaffiliated Jewish families by offering a superior academic education while bringing the children back to their Jewish roots with a deep love and appreciation of their Jewish heritage. SIHA strives to create the highest educational climate possible with superior academics and excellence in teaching and learning with our skilled and caring professionals that are devoted to the academic, social, and emotional development of each and every student. At our core is a well-defined differentiated instructional and environmental model that recognizes the importance of each individual. By combining a rigorous curriculum with a rich Judaic studies program, we aim to promote an atmosphere of cooperation, tolerance, and appreciation of the cultural heritage of all people and pursue to mold students of high moral character that can engage and collaborate with the best and the brightest of the 21st century. Our students understand what it means to be Jewish, are proud of their Jewish heritage and can carry the torch of Judaism to their families and beyond.