Middle School Social Studies Fair 2023

Social Studies Fair 2023

Our theme for this year was the American Revolution!

While our lower grades learned the history of the American Revolution and our founding fathers, our middle school took the theme of revolution and did an in-depth research on what, exactly, is revolutionary about our amazing country. 

5th Graders studied the foundational documents of the United States. They wrote research papers and presented a slideshow to their class and their parents. 

6th Graders looked at landmark Supreme Court cases.

7th Grade and 8th Grade

Our seniors and the 7th graders combined to lead the Great Debate this year! They selected three issues and led a spirited debate. 

Should parents or other adults be able to ban books from schools and libraries?

PRO team:

  • Ella Shalem
  • Asher Hecht
  • Mark Mihelson

CON team:

  • Noam Tisona
  • Gabriella Fishman



Should Colleges pay their athletes?

PRO team:

  • Madison Graham
  • Eva Leivent
  • Matthew Tayrimov

CON team:

  • Kobe Shabat
  • David Papirov
  • Avigdor Tovshteyn



Should humans colonize space?

PRO team:

  • Naomi Applebaum
  • Oren Dery

CON Team:

  • Ruti Applebaum
  • Mia Portman
  • Victoria Kulishevskiy