Gifted & Talented Programs

Ms. Tatic’s Classics Club

  • Geared towards advancing reading comprehension and vocabulary enrichment in the middle school
  • Students read classic novels appropriate to their advanced level
  • Students complete self-directed research projects related to their reading
  • Students participate and lead guided discussions 
  • This is an invite-only program based on standardized assessment scores and excellent work ethic

Noetic Math Olympiad

  • This is an annual contest that encourages creative math thinking and problem solving. 
  • The goal of the contest is to develop students’ problem-solving skills, to encourage their interest in math, and to inspire them to excel in math.
  • Students participate in math problem of the week warm-ups throughout the school year. 
  • The Olympiad is in the spring. Students compete against grade-level peers to earn medals and recognition. 

Social Studies Fair

  • Students complete independent research projects and prepare presentations.
  • Each grade completes a different project correlated to their curriculum. 
  • Winners earn medals and recognition of their hard work by having their project published on our website. 
  • Middle school students also engage in a special formal debate on self-selected topics.

Holocaust Studies Project

  • Created for our 7th and 8th graders
  • This is an independent research project that encourages students to examine their families’ histories and connection to the Holocaust. 
  • Students choose a topic, conduct interviews and examine primary and secondary sources. 
  • Students present their projects to their peers and take on the role of teacher for the day, sharing what they learned. 


Science Fair


  • Students develop a hypothesis and employ the scientific method to test their hypothesis. 

  • Students perform a hands-on experiment and record their results. 

  • Students prepare a presentation in which they share their results with their peers. 


Raz Kids Reading Program


  • This program is geared towards students in the K-6 grades. 

  • This is an accelerated reading program that encourages exploration, supports reading comprehension and vocabulary development. 

  • Students can read books up to two levels above their own in order to increase their reading comprehension.