Holocaust Remembrance Day 2023

Holocaust Remembrance Day 2023

At SIHA, this solemn day marked the culmination of several programs. Our students learned about the Holocaust, and worked hard on a variety of projects to showcase their learning. On April 19th, we also took a trip to St. George’s Theater to see a special play put on by Wagner College. Wagner College students read the words of five special Holocaust survivors. Students also learned about the Warsaw Ghetto and the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

SIHA also hosted Mrs. Hecht, an amazing survivor. Mrs. Hecht lived through the horrors of Auschwitz. She inspired our students with her life’s story, particularly with her unwavering devotion to Hashem and her Jewish Faith. She stated that it was Hashem’s protection that got her through Auschwitz, and enabled her to go on and create a life in which she had three children, six grand-children, and 25 great-grandchildren. She spoke warmly about how blessed her life was, especially this year, when she traveled to Israel twice – once to witness her great-granddaughter’s marriage.

6th grade also prepared a special magazine to showcase her research:

Holocaust through the Lens of Literature

Milkweed Magazine

Selected essays from our upper graders:

Anne Frank’s Diary

Nuremberg Trials

Elie Weisel’s Biography