First Grade – כיתה א

Welcome to Mrs. Ivry’s and Mrs. Adams’ First Grade Class!





Weekly Newsletter for the week of 6/7/2023


First graders are getting ready to receive their first Siddur. They can read Hebrew and understand the important Mitzva of Davening. They can’t wait to celebrate on June 10 with their parents ad they receive their Siddur. More details to follow.

They also learnt so many Mitzvot and stories and are so eager to learn more. 

We learnt the story of Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai in preparation for Lag Baomer. 

Each day we count the Omer, a very special Mitzva we get to do from Pesach till Shavuot when we received the Torah.

In Parsha we learnt the unique Mitzva of Shmita. The Jewish farmers in Israel have to stop taking care of their fields every 7th year. It is a great show of trust in Hashem as Hashem blesses them with abundance on the 6th, 7th and 8th year.

Shabbat shalom 

Mrs Ivry

The first graders are completing all of the tasks to finish up the year. They have completed the Magic Treehouse novel. They are finishing the last Unit in Social Studies. They have even written a class storybook about insects! The first grade is now ready for Summer to begin. In celebration of spring students created these lovely butterfly rings.

Mrs. Adams