Fourth Grade – כיתה ד

Welcome to Rabbi Kuritsky’s and Ms. Belli’s Fourth Grade Class!

Weekly Newsletter for the week of 6/7/2023








Bamidbar-The Jewish people are now in the midbar .

In this week’s parsha we learn howmuch Hashem loves each and every Jew , that he keeps on counting them/us.

Men alone,ages 20-60 numbered 603,550! That is extremely incredible especially considering that there were also males ages 0-20 years and 60 and above, and as many females. This number 2as accumulated  in only 210 years after a humble beginning of only 70 individuals who originally entered Egypt.

We learned about the encampment in the desert/wilderness and the order of travel.

Each camp had their own unique flag with colors and animals depicted on it. I heard from my son who heard from his Rebbie-Rabbi that the flag was there to remind all of them of their unique talents. We should all recognize our own talents and use them effectively to live a life of a proper Jew serving Hashem.


Thank you to Jacob Michaelov for creating an exciting game for all of us with which to review the Parasha


We have reached a culmination of our study and review of laws and customs of Shavuot.

Each child should have brought home a few packets that were studied.Please read and enjoy.

We began a study of Rut.

Shabbat Shalom

Have a nice and meaningful Shavuot.

Rabbi Kuritsky


Well… We’re almost at the end of the school year! Congratulations on completing the i-Ready Assessment! 

Last stop of our reading is learning poetry. Students will learn to analyze and interpret the meaning of a poem by examining its various elements such as imagery, symbolism, figurative language, and tone.” It is fun!!

This week in mathematics, students completed the last Test “The Four Operations of Decimals”. We are continuing to work on the next level of 5th grade math.

In ELA, 4th graders are working on a Ready-Book “Craft and Structure in Informational Text”.

Mrs. Belli

Mrs. Belli