Kindergarten – גן ילדים

Welcome to Miss Regina’s Kindergarten class!




Weekly Newsletter for the week of 9/22/2023


ELA – Kindergarten has been working hard on learning their alphabet sounds and reading 3 letter words. They’ve learned 3 sight words and have been using them to write full sentences. They have been reading different picture books each morning to practice making predictions and discuss the illustrations. They discussed how the illustrations take up the whole page, use a lot of color, and have details in their backgrounds. Kindergarten then drew their own pictures to use all of the aspects discussed. They did a great job! Mrs. Slonim’s middle school students came to present their stories to K – 2. It was a real treat! 

Math – We just finished our 14th day of school! Kindergarten has been working on counting on from ten, identifying and writing numbers to 20. They have been drawing and reading ten frames, and practicing their number of the day. 

Social Studies – Kindergarten discussed the similarities and differences between their fanily members and their school mates. They discussed how they act differently at home and at school, and the different activities they do (vacations, learning, etc.)

Science – Kindergarten learned the difference between living and non-living things. They learned how living things grow, move, and breathe. They were able to sort pictures between the two

Ms. Regina