Dvar Torah Parsha Terumah

This week’s Parsha delineates the “furniture” of the Mishkan with all of their intricacies.
It discusses the Menorah [which many people say is now in the vatican in Rome with other vessels of the Beit Hamikdash since it was captured by the Romans many years ago], the Shulchan [the table] the Mizbeach[the Altar], and the Aron Hakodesh [where a sefer Torah and the Luchot are kept].
The Torah writes FIVE Parashot to describe the Mishkan and its furnishings. Compare this to LESS than ONE Parasha written to describe the creation of the ENTIRE universe!
What is the explanation?
An answer is; it is more important to Hashem G-d what WE Klal Yisroel,the Jewish people work on and create for Him, than His work, creating the entire universe which is for us!
A Pasuk says “V’asu Li Mikdash, Vshachanti B’socham” “make for Me a Mikdash and I will dwell in them”
A question arises; there was only ONE mikdash made. What is meant by I will rest in them?
A possible, and important answer is, “I will rest in them”, the word “them” refers to each person.
Hashem says, “make for Me a Mishkan” a resting place, and I will dwell in each Jew.

Let us work to make ourselves a proper resting place for HIM, for Hashem. He truly wants to rest and dwell in each one of us.

Let us keep one more meal or one more snack, kosher.
Let us keep one more hour on Shabbat.
Let us say one more prayer.
Hashem will love us and reward us even more!
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Y.S. Kuritsky

Programming News

Dear parents.
I hope you are doing well and having a happy month of Adar?

Contest for the month of Adar:
This month, we are going to work extra-hard to make eachother happy. For example, smiling at others, helping those in need, making another person feel good, chatting with someone who looks a little sad or lonely. There are so many things we can do to make another person happy. You can’t even imagine the impact of a nice smile, an encouraging word, an act of kindness. You can literally change their day, their week, their life!
Let’s work on making others happy and you’ll see that you will be a happier person too!
Every class has a large smiley face hanging up in their classroom, with many sheets of stickers. Every time a student goes out of their way to make another happy – It can be just giving them a smile! – they add a sticker to their class’s smiley face. The class with the most stickers on their smiley face will receive something really special for every student!!!

We are all getting very excited for Tuesday’s Purim Carnival! The 8th graders are working hard to prepare their booths and beautiful signs. Great job, we’re so proud of you?
Students will be wearing fun dress-up costumes to the carnival. Costumes should be brought in a bag and every class will change into their costumes when it is their turn at the carnival. Please ensure that your child’s costume is appropriate for a Yeshivah-Day-School.

We cannot forget to congratulate last week’s winners of the Making-Berachot-Out-Loud contest!
We are so proud of them! We are truly amazed at all of our wonderful students who filled out many many Berachot cards! Let’s work to continue making our Berachot out loud and answering Amen to one another’s Berachot.

Have a wonderful Shabbat! Enjoy your weekend!

Best regards,
Miss Dershowitz


Kindergarten and First Grade

We had a super week in Kindergarten! We learnt, the letter Pay who has a popcorn inside! We have also been focusing on learning about Purim and making fun Purim projects! We can’t wait to bring them home!

In First Grade Judaics we are finishing up our second to last nekuda kubutz. We are very excited for next week when we will learn our very last nekuda! We have also been learning about the Purim Story and made a fill in the blank Purim Story! We know the story so well and can’t wait to tell it over at home!

Second Grade
We had a busy week in 2nd grade as we spent time working on our Kriya(reading) and learning all about Purim. This week’s Parsha Terumah , Hashem commands Moshe to build a mishkon (Sanctuary), symbolizing G-d’s presence among the people. The Jews voluntarily supplied the precious metals, gold,silver and precious stones. The Oron was the most sacred of the articles in the mishkon. Inside the Oron were the original 10 Commandments given by G-d on Har Sinai. We enjoyed making our own model of the Oron with the 2 Tablets of the 10 Commandments inside the Oron in class on Wednesday. Shabbat Shalom!

Fourth Grade


We had another great, Purim- spirited week here in 4B, thank you Hashem. The Purim story really came alive with the puppets that we made. We learnt all about the month of Adar and its symbolism. Parshah class has us exploring the holy appliances that we’re kept in the Beit Hamikdash, for example the Mizbeach/ table which was used to burn the fire offerings that the Jews would bring back in the day. We are working on our caring and giving, as well as not speaking Loshon Hora, because we know that this will help build the third and final Beit Hamikdash! Our note- taking skills are really picking up, by the way, we are becoming more and more comfortable with organizing our thoughts and presenting information on paper. We just love to be learning and growing together, virtual or live. Shabbat Shalom and stay warm!

Morah Toba

5th and 6th Girls

Dear parents.
Thank G-d, we had a wonderful week!
We continued on in Shemot Chapter 2 (Perek Bet) learning about the birth of Moshe Rabbeinu (Moses.) As soon as Moses was born, the room filled with light that shone from Moshe Rabbeinu’s face!!
The girls got their own beautiful benchers personally monogrammed with their names, which they will use to say Birkat Hamazon, the after-blessing of any kind of bread. We practiced benching together with our class and we’re working hard to remember to thank Hashem for our food, by benching after we eat bread.
We learned all about the Parsha portion this week, Parshat Terumah. Hashem commanded Moshe to build the Mishkan (Tabernacle) where G-d’s holy presence can rest in this world. We learned about what the Mishkan was made of and all about the many vessels that were used in the Mishkan.
A MAJOR CONGRATULATIONS to our wonderful 5th and 6th grade girls for earning a VERY exciting party by attaining 475 marbles for their participation in class!! We’re all looking forward to the party.
We are all very excitedly awaiting Purim, this upcoming Friday! We’ve been learning about the holiday of Purim, as well the fascinating story that is behind the holiday of Purim. G-d turned everything upside down and instead of our enemies killing the Jewish nation, the Jews killed out our enemies!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Shabbat Shalom!
Best regards,
Miss Dershowitz

5th and 6th Boys
This week we continued our journey through the mishna.
We also got deeper into the story of Purim as well as the Halachot.
We also added a new Bracha to the Shemona Esrai.
Shabbat Shalom!

7th and 8th Girls

Thank you Hashem for another wonderful week. Our daily Shachrit has been so,so beautiful lately. We call up a Chazanit or two every day to lead the davening, and they all do such a great job. Our Tefilot “soar and fly” and make our Morah very inspired. We enjoyed hearing about the symbolisms of the Month of Adar as well as some of the miraculous story of the history of Purim. Chumash class has us analyzing what “Hashem’s hand” means metaphorically speaking, as we know that He does not have a physical body. Hashem promised us, we read in the Chumash, that He’ll save our nation from Egypt with his”hand”. We’re still looking for a one word adjective that means “miracle- doing” and if anyone can think of one, please reach out to one of us. Shabbat Shalom !

Morah Toba

7th and 8th Boys
This week,
the boys came back to school enthusiastic and ready to learn.
We began with the story of Purim. Each boy took a turn reading from our summary. We discussed the story and the main lesson of Megilat Esther.
We learned that, although the entire Megillah can be read in shul in 30-45 minutes, the story written there encompassed a 7 year period!
When reading the Megillah we are “wowed” by the miracles; a king suddenly and for seemingly no logical reason kills his wife, out of all the thousands and possibly millions of girls, the only one chosen was a Jewish religious girl, who had not only no positive interest in being chosen as queen, but actually was opposed to being chosen. According to some commentaries Esther was 80 years old and had a sickly complexion! Mordechai “happens to have been part of the Sanhedrin the great [Jewish] court, necessitating being fluent in 70 languages”.
Mordechai “happens to overhear the conversation of Achashveirosh’s servants speaking in some strange language, plotting to murder the King. Only when all of these occurrences are pieced together do we see a plan and purpose. We discussed that were we to look back at our own life stories and see things in “hindsight” [which they say is 20 20} we would see a plan and purpose, and is NOT just a bunch of “happenings” or coincidences, thereby strengthening our belief in g-d.
On zoom, we studied a story from recent headlines. Our former president, Mr. D. Trump, hired a religious Jew as his lead lawyer. He comes into the capitol wearing a kepa/Yarmulke. [He removes it out of concern for “respect”]. When about to drink some water, he puts his hand on his head in order to say a Bracha respectfully to Hashem pur G-d. Wow! What a lesson for all of us who do not have such a challenge to cover our head.
We learned a lesson that serving Hashem and keeping Mitzvot in order to receive a reward is really the opposite! The serving Hashem and keeping the Mitzvot is really the reward and the motivation was really the means to get there.
We also learned that we must be careful not only to not speak Lashon hara in and of itself, but to avoid causing arguments.
We learned that one should not make a Bracha and have a snack immediately prior to washing and eating bread, as the Bracha Hamotzi on bread exempts the other Brachot .
We had almost a unanimous attendance on zoom. We also had a few “guests”; Chewy, Gary’s dog and Amiel’s dog!

Elementary School

This week kindergarten continued to work on reading and spelling many ING words. They read a story about an egg falling out of a nest and how the two characters saved the egg so it can hatch. They also learned how to identify the problem and the solution in a story. In math they reviewed teen numbers by using ten frames and how to add a number to 9 using mental math. They practiced subtracting by playing many subtraction games. They really enjoyed playing subtraction bowling and who stole the cookie from the cookie jar to practice subtraction and writing number sentences. In social studies they learned all about what a community is, what places are in a community, and about community workers. They learned how firefighters help our community. In science they continued to learn about force. They brainstormed different experiments to conduct to discover how different heights of ramps change the speed of an object.

First grade

This week our fabulous first graders explored the parts of soil through an experiment. We placed soil in a bottle with water to see what would happen.

We observed that after a night of standing, the soil separated into three basic components: rock, humus, and minerals.

Also, the first graders created beautiful works of art using a blotting method. We love our colorful “LOVE” paintings.

Second Grade

This week in math, the second graders have been finishing up their unit on money. They also have been doing an amazing job at skip counting by 25! While learning about how to spend money in math, they also have been learning about the importance of saving money in social studies. In ELA, the second graders have continued researching their choice of animal for the informational book they are going to write and have been reading The BFG.

In science, 2nd graders started a new chapter about the Solar System. They learned what happens when Earth rotates. Students performed and created a model of Earth using a globe and a flashlight to show the causes of day and night.

Third Grade
This week grade 3 students learned to properly blend sentences and abbreviate words. In math class, they continued to develop their problem solving skills within multi step word problems. In Russian, they were introduced to two more letters along with a list of handy vocabulary words. During their Social Studies class, students reviewed the unit on natural resources and the many ways communities benefit from them, as well as ways we can harness and conserve energy and resources. They were able to use their acting skills while learning about recycling in a play called What About Recycling?. In computer class, students took their second quiz. They were able to demonstrate what they have learned about the different parts of a computer and the many types of files, programs, and folders there are. We were also thrilled to welcome two Zoomies who are now roomies! It has been great to finally have Ariella and Sarina live and in person.
Miss Sasha

In science, 3rd graders had fun making imprinted models and “fossils” of different tiny dinosaurs, shells and leaves using play dough and clay to show the way the fossils were formed and did they tell us about the Earth’s past.

Fourth Grade

This week in math we continued to convert decimals with fractions, adding decimals with whole numbers and continued to prepare for the state exam.
In ELA we are continuing our unit on pronouns and story writing. Students wrote about their favorite character from a book or a movie. Students are also preparing for the state exam.
In Social Studies we reviewed for our test on chapter 7 Exploring the Midwest.

In science, 4th grade students learned and described soil samples, identified fossils fuels resources and their uses, recognized soil’s importance to living things.


This week 4B is learning about adjectives and articles in grammar. We are still exploring the vast world of fractions in math. We are now learning how to multiply fractions and whole numbers! In social studies we are learning about the southern region of the United States. The lesson tied into the weather events that have crippled the power grid and caused many problems in Texas, so we had a discussion about that as well. Aside from that, I will encourage my students to play in the snow this weekend, as this season has given us a plethora!

In science, 4th grade students learned about renewable and nonrenewable resources. Using the Water Cycle diagram students will write a description about it.

Fifth Grade

This week has been pretty interesting for the 5th grade.
In ELA they continued to learn about adjectives. They practiced with comparative and superlative forms of adjectives as well as how to write better sentences.
They practiced the revising process of essay writing. The students also went over the author’s point of view in a text.

In social studies, the 5th grade finished learning about Teotihuacan. Next week, the students will begin their Olmec head project. I look forward to seeing all of their awesome work!
Ms. Tatic would really like to commend Ziva, Sofia, Alec, and Matthew for being very diligent students!

In science, 5th graders started a new chapter: “Weather and Climate”. During the science lessons students described how weather conditions were measured.

Middle School

Middle School ELA and Social Studies
6th Grade
6th graders had a great week!
In grammar, we learned all about personal, possessive, and indefinite pronouns. In writing, we learned about word choice and figurative language in fiction. Students wrote amazing paragraphs! In reading, we continued our novel study of Bud, not Buddy.
Mrs. Hazen would like to commend Madi and Gabby for being very hard workers, and Oren and Etai for always participating!

Happy Friday!
This week in Social Studies the 6th grade learned all about China’s Zhou Dynasty. They also started learning a bit about the Warring States Period that followed the fall of the Zhou dynasty.
Next week, they will learn about some of the philosophies that arose during the Warring States Period.

7th Grade
7th graders had a good week!
We continued learning about how to annotate nonfiction and fiction texts. We annotated a variety of texts and practiced answering multiple choice and short answer questions. In reading, the 7th grade continued their novel study of Farewell to Manzanar. In writing, we learned about figurative language in poetry, and analyzed some awesome poems. Mrs. Hazen would like to commend Noga and Yaffa for being very hard-working!

In social studies, the 7th grade wrapped up their study of the war of 1812. We read about the history of our National Anthem, and held an awesome zoomed general discussion about it. We also looked at the virtual museum display of the flag that inspired the song. Mrs. Hazen would really like to commend Lana and Yisroel for an awesome job participating in our discussion and our virtual museum tour.

8th Grade
8th Graders had a busy week! In grammar, we reviewed types of sentences, as well as subjects and predicates. We wrote some wonderful sentences!
In reading, we read poetry and discussed how a poem’s structure relates to its meaning. We learned about rhythm and rhyme, and wrote essays comparing two poems.
In reading, we continued our novel study of The outsiders.
Mrs. Hazen would like to commend Yosi Malka for writing an awesome essay.

In social studies, the 8th grade brought WWI to an end. We discussed the impact the end of WWI had on Europe and the world in general.

Middle School Math

8th honors is finishing chapter 4 on inequalities, absolute value, piecewise and step functions. 
8th learned how to calculate slope graphically and with the formula. They also learned about x and y intercepts. 
7th honors finished up the unit on probability. 
7th learned how to calculate the volume of prisms. 
6th is finishing up the unit on generating equivalent expressions. 
5th discovered the relationship between circumference and diameter of a circle —pi! They also learned how to calculate circumference and area of a circle.

Middle School Science

6th Graders learned about different types of weather fronts and applied their knowledge as a weather forecaster. After reading a weather forecast, students needed to complete a map showing the proper fronts moving in the proper direction across North America.

8th grade (Mrs. Belli’s Class)

Students learned the steps of Scientific Method. Mrs. Belli wants to mention Yosef and Orian for participating during the lesson and suggesting different questions and hypotheses.

Way to go Yosef and Orian!!!

Jewish History

7th grade sped through 210 years in Egypt in about 30 minutes. We then spent some time on some major questions like how do we know this all really happened? We had fun exploring the answer to this question through videos and discussions.

8th grade is learning about what happened after the Chanukah miracle. We also explored the timeline of Jewish History in more detail.