Dvar Torah

Parashat Naso
In this week’s Parasha – Portion the Torah discusses the laws of what is to be given to the Kohen/Levi. The Torah says the following words Ish et kadashav lo yih’ye “A man his holy [stuff-that he was supposed to give to the kohen/Levi] to him[self] it shall be”. This means that in some way, even though we must give it to the Kohen/Levi, it is nevertheless his to some degree.
The Midrash says that if someone holds onto the gifts that are to be given to the kohen/levi he will inevitably have to give it away in some other manner, i.e. to a doctor for medical expenses.
This is very scary! At times we are “not in the mood” to give charity, but if we remember the alternative, it will not be so difficult.
We must remember that the $ we are holding onto really belongs to Hashem. We are merely his treasurer.
Rabbi Yissoschor Frand Shlita brings a story from the Sefer Lulei Sorascha written by rav Shach’s grandson that one time a man named Tzvi Genauer once dropped off $5,000.00 by Rav Shach’s door and exclaimed “this $ can be distributed to the charity of your preference.
Why did Tzvi send this $ ?
The response was “Tzvi was scheduled to have an operation [to make a longer story, a little shorter] and saved $ that he thought he would need towards that end, and felt that the opposite of the above is also true; since he did NOT need the $ for medical, he SHOULD give it to charity.
Let us give charity how and when we are supposed to, so that we will never Chas V’shalom need to give it elsewhere.
Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Kuritsky

Special Announcement

Happy Birthday to:

  • Lily Shamay in 6th Grade!
  • Liad Hanuka in Kindergarten!
  • Tanya Shutman in 3rd Grade!
  • Eva Leivent in 6th Grade!

Note from Mrs. Hazen

This week’s newsletter is very short! The week was short, with everyone getting back into school and coming back from Shavout. Students reviewed, and got ready for Stanford testing next week in grades 3, 5, and 6.

Please enjoy the brief notes from the teachers below, and please look forward to a full newsletter next week!


5/6th boys

Coming on the heels of Shavuot, this week was special!
We spent a lot of time discussing the idea of “Derech eretz kadma ltorah” That basic human decency needs to be the starting point to any growth in Torah.
We ended the week with a Yom Iyun on the topic of Shalom, a full day, in depth look at the vital topic of living in harmony with people.
As we explained to the boys, “Dont be right,be smart”.
Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Levy

7/8th boys

This week, albeit a short week, was concentrated with learning.
We learned a subject that is brought up in this week’s Parasha, in depth. The subject is referred to as Sota . We also discussed a very important and very relevant Halacha called yichud. The laws about men, women, girls and boys over a certain age not remaining alone in a house, apartment or even a locked room. The laws of Yichud are connected to the law of Sota.
We also discussed the laws of washing one’s hands , and the reasons and conditions.
Great exciting prizes and raffles were awarded this week.
Make sure to see the pictures of last week’s Har Sinai cupcake decoration in honor of Shavuot. Also see pictures of the bike ride with the Rabbi enjoyed by students and the Rabbi as well.
Last week boys, girls and staff alike enjoyed potato kugel created by Mrs.Kuritsky. It was hot and delicious! potato kugel is a Jewish comestible [fancy word for food], usually served on Shabbat. It is mainly an Ashkenazi comestible, but enjoyed by Sephardic Jews and non Jews as well.

Leam’s 100% in his פרשה test, again!

Boys proudly decorating cupcakes to look like הר סיני at מתן תורה in honor of שבועות

Yosi M proudly displaying his שבועות package that he will bring home for his family

Elementary School

Our amazing first graders explored many topics regarding plants. In preparation for the Science Symposium we conducted several experiments involving plants and their parts. We made observations about seeds, fruit, flowers, and stems. Students are really engaged as we collect data and discuss our findings.
Students also presented reports about US National symbols such as the Liberty Bell and Mount Rushmore. Did you know that the Statue of Liberty is 151 feet tall? In Math we practiced counting coins. Students were so excited to tell which president and monument are on the penny, nickel, and dime.

Middle School

7th grade Science
As a part of our journey through nutrition, the students are now learning how certain macromolecules affect our body. Sometimes the things that we eat give us energy and then very shortly thereafter, we crash. We get this overwhelming feeling of tiredness, lose focus, feeling hungry. So students are answering this question “How long does the energy from a buttered bagel last? Students will consume a buttered bagel and fill in the chart below throughout the course of 3 hours. Their hypothesis is “If we eat a buttered bagel, our energy will last for approximately 21/2 hours. We will keep you apprised of our findings.

8th Grade Business

SIHA Senior Trip has been finalized!!! Woohooo!!!! Congratulations 8th Grade Students and Parents, you made it, you did it, you overcame some obstacles that most of us never experienced before. We can reflect on the last year and sob about all of the changes that Covid 19 brought us, but I believe Hashem wants us to see the positive side of all things. Covid taught us to think outside of the box, a skill necessary for critical thinking and success in many areas of our lives, it brought many of us closer to family, as a result of being quarantined, it taught many of us our weaknesses (zoom) and strengths (zoom–lol), which is imperative for us to move forward. Being aware of what we need to change is important part of who we are, as being reflective permits growth and helps us incorporate change. Parents, please be on the lookout for an email with all of the trip specifics, once again thank you for all of your support.